Dowsing Tips

Dowsing Tips

As a result of dowsing almost everyday for over 35 years, I have learned things about dowsing and its applications that the average dowser will most likely never discover on his or her own. Because I specialize in the practical applications of dowsing, and do not dwell on the theoretical mysteries surrounding the subject, I have had the opportunity to experience, scrutinize, and analyze every major pitfall and problem dowsers encounter. If you are a serious dowser, I believe the information below will help you gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the God-given dowsing talent you possess.

Tip # 1

Are You A Better Dowser Then You Think You Are?
You Very Likely Could Be!

I believe that when many dowsers develop their dowsing skills, they begin to challenge their skills by experimenting with such things as finding missing persons, finding abducted children, or locating murder victims. If you fall into this category, and think your efforts have failed, you need to take the following into account.

The Deception Rule

There is an unwritten rule in all Law Enforcement agencies that prevents them from allowing any form of credit or recognition going to dowsers when they are instrumental in solving a case. Even though your dowsing was accurate, and the victim was found exactly where you said they were, the Law Enforcement agency responsible for solving the case will not admit it, and they will go on TV and blatantly lie to cover up the truth about how and where the victim was found. This phenomenon is not just speculation on my part, I have experienced this scenario many, many times. At best, they will sometimes simply say that the case was solved based on a tip they received, rather then tell the truth.

I can only conclude that the most likely reasons that are motivating their deceptions are they want to avoid any possible liability should retaliation occur, and they don't want to encourage a flood of dowsers pestering Law Enforcement Agencies.

In years long-past, when the FBI would plead for public help to solve a case, I would always take notice, and wait 2 or 3 weeks to see if the case would get solved. Once it became apparent it would not be solved without help, I would decide to work the case. In those days, I was still under the impression that they would pay the reward money they offered, or at the very least I would get a thank you if I was successful in helping them. Wrong!

After working on a few of their cases, an interesting pattern began to develop. I noticed that in each and every case when I sent them my report, the FBI would consistently, in their exuberance to claim credit for solving the case, announce that the case was solved within 2 to 3 days after they received my report. This fact, to me, meant that there was no way it could have been a coincidence. In addition, because on FBI cases I would always utilize my map tracking technology, I was able to provide them with enough information to identify the perpetrator too. It was very satisfying watching the arrest being made on television news.

More Proof That The Deception Rule Exits

One of my domestic cases actually turned out to be humorous. A small town Sheriff in my area was having a problem finding the body of a murder victim. I decided to work the case, and sent him my report. They found the body exactly where I said it was. The morning the body was recovered, the Sheriff went on a local TV news station and announced it was found at the location I gave them, and much to my surprise, he went on to say that a dowser located it. I'm thinking, WOW, finally dowsing is getting credit and public recognition for something!

My enthusiasm did not last long, however. Apparently, someone finally told him how the game is played. He went back on the same TV station three hours later, and retracted everything he had said earlier. Nerves, red-faced, and looking very embarrassed, he lied and changed his story saying the body was found several miles from the original location.

If there is a moral to this story, it is this: Have faith in, and trust your God-given dowsing ability, and never let anyone or anything discourage you or stand in your way.

Jerry Nokes

Understanding Dowsing Rules And Pitfalls

Have you ever seen a public demonstration of dowsing succeed? I sure haven't, and I know why. Just as we are not allowed to use our gift for evil purposes, we are also not allowed to flaunt our dowsing ability. Having the dowsing ability is a God-given gift, but many dowsers don't realize that their dowsing gift comes with certain rules and limitations.

I think most dowsers agree that dowsing is spiritual in nature. In much the same way God assigns each of us a guardian angel to watch over us, I am convinced he also provides us with a moderator to guide us through our dowsing endeavors. While dowsing, I think of my moderator as my dowsing benefactor.

There is a longstanding belief that man was given the dowsing ability to insure the preservation of mankind. Simply by giving us the ability to find water, for example, was enough to justify giving us this most basic and important tool for survival.

Dowsers love to use their dowsing ability to ask questions about anything and everything. This is well and good, but it must be understood that there are categories of questions that our benefactor will refuse to answer truthfully. 

Tip # 2

The Right To Know

Just because we want or need to know something, doesn't mean we have the right to know it. Our dowsing benefactor always makes that determination for us. I have found that if a question that I ask has a positive purpose, or involves a safety issue, I will always get a truthful answer. If I ask a question that infringes on the privacy of another, however, I may get a false answer. Also, we should not ask frivolous or stupid questions. I'm sure our benefactor gets just as annoyed with nonsense questions as we do.

Tip # 3

The Curse of Testing

I believe that not being aware of the following dowsing rules is responsible for more dowsers loosing confidence in their own dowsing ability then any other. Your benefactor will reject your question, and refuse to answer it truthfully if you fail to understand and abide by these simple rules. 

Any question in dowsing that even remotely resembles, or can be construed as a test will result in you not getting a truthful answer. Some examples:

Never try to test your own dowsing ability. You are only allowed to exercise your dowsing ability. You must have complete faith and confidence in your dowsing ability, and your heart and mind must be totally free from all doubt.

If someone asks you to dowse something for them, and the word test, try, or anything meaning the same thing is used in the conversation, your efforts will fail. If the person who asks you to dowse for them is not a believer, or doubts your dowsing ability, your efforts will most likely fail. Keep in mind, your benefactor knows all, sees all, and hears all.

To your dowsing success,

Jerry Nokes

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