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Prospectors, do you have a gold claim, and want to know where the Hot Spots are? I can help you find where the largest concentrations of gold are on your claim anywhere in the world.

Whether you have a land-based claim, or you are dredging the ocean floor in Alaska, I will tell you exactly where to search to find the gold!

This is how it works:

Send me a Google Earth map showing the boundaries of your claim using the Google Earth placement pins, along with the GPS coordinates of each pin. I will scan the map for gold concentrations, and let you know what I find (At No Charge). If I don't find any gold on your claim, I will tell you.

If I do find gold on your claim, I will e-mail you and ask you if you would like me to create a map pinpointing its exact location. My fee for this service is $69.00, and payable when your map is ready.

Payment can be made directly from your PayPal account, or by using the payment button on the following website page:

It is no longer necessary to waste time searching for gold where there isn’t any gold to be found.

Jerry Nokes
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