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Dear fellow dowsers and treasure hunters,

It’s true, Conventional Map Dowsing, as you know it is now obsolete. Due to an amazing scientific discovery, it is no longer necessary to rely on intangible, supernatural forces for guidance when attempting to locate a target. If you've ever wondered how to dowse maps with complete accuracy, you have found the answer!

Because of this new technology, anyone who possesses basic dowsing skills and has the ability to use a pendulum can now become an expert in map dowsing, and achieve accurate results (every time). Once you are armed with this knowledge, your map dowsing skills and abilities will far exceed the capabilities of  all present-day  conventional  map  dowsers.
This Is Why

The discovery allows us to convert the intangible elements involved in a map dowsing search into tangible segments that we can work with without having to rely on the uncertainties that are associated with attempting to solicit the cooperation and guidance of mystical forces. In essence, it allows us to implement a proven, reliable scientific approach to map dowsing.


Why I Have Not Released This Discovery To The World Until Now


I have agonized for years over what the effects could be on the world if this technology were to get into the wrong hands. My concerns were whether or not the technology would be used for evil purposes. Because this knowledge is so powerful and has such potential to be devastating to the free world by its enemies, until now I have only shared the secrets with a limited number of dowsers.


Why I’m Releasing It Now


Awhile back I read a very interesting piece about dowsing that prompted me to make the decision. In the article it stated that if anyone tries to use his or her dowsing powers for evil purposes, they will lose their dowsing abilities, and the author backed his statement up by citing several actual cases.

The dowser who published the information has lifted a tremendous weight off my shoulders, and has made it possible for me to now feel comfortable sharing this discovery with everyone.

About The Technology

I know that there are many good map dowers in the world today, and appreciate the fact that many have truly mastered and perfected their skills. However, even if you are the best conventional map dowser on the planet, this new technology has the ability to take you to heights in map dowsing that you have not even dreamed about.

This Is Why

Now you will be able to use a systematic, scientific approach to map dowsing. An approach that will take all of the guesswork and faith based assumptions out of the process. You will work with factual information instead of unknowns, and have total confidence in your abilities and the outcome that results from your efforts.

Mission Statement

I believe that most dowsers aspire to the same fundamental causes that I do. That is to help others, overcome evil, and use our dowsing abilities in a way that benefits ourselves and Humanity.

  • When we hear about a child that was abducted we want to help.

  • When a vicious crime is committed we want to help.

  • When a murder victim can’t be found we want to help.

  • When an airplane goes missing we want to help.

  • If a submarine is lost we want to help.

  • When a nuclear bomb is missing we want to help.

  • When a terrorist puts anthrax in the mail we want to help.

If you know how to dowse with a pendulum, you can now have the ability to do all these things and much, much more with complete accuracy when you are armed with this new map dowsing technology... even if you have never map-dowsed in your entire life!

The technology is not only ideally suited for solving crimes, but also dowsing for water, dowsing for buried treasure or sunken Treasure Galleons, dowsing for earthquake faults, dowsing for the perimeters of an underground lake or oil field, locating prehistoric river beds, and even defining the path and location of prehistoric ocean shore lines. The list of things you can do with this new technology is endless.

You Can Have Fun With It Too!

Amaze Your Friends!

Make a friendly bet with your friends.Tell them that you can show them exactly where they went on any day in the past, how long they stayed there, and what time they returned home! This is something conventional map dowsers cannot do.

Know Where Your Children Are And Where They Went!

When your teenagers leave the house, wouldn't it be nice to know where they go? Now you can!

The process used to accomplish the above, has nothing to do with conventional map dowsing methods, and is in no way similar! It is a totally new and improved approach to map dowsing!   

Imagine the satisfaction and gratitude you'll receive when you pinpoint the exact location of an abducted child before the abductor has a chance to harm the child!

Imagine gaining the reputation of being the one person in your community who can solve crimes that the police have been unable to solve!

Imagine the income you could earn from "private reward money" alone once your skills become known!

What would you do "right now" if a loved one is abducted? Would you just call 911, sit by the phone, and wait for the Police to find them?

If you are a dowser armed with this new technology, you will be able to pinpoint the location of your loved one before Police finish writing their report, because you will know exactly where they can be found within minutes after learning of their abduction!   


The Only Catch


The powers that be don’t want us to help! Law Enforcement and our Government doesn’t want anything to do with us. In a way we can’t blame them. Every time a child goes missing or a major crime is committed, they are bombarded with hundreds of unsolicited offers to help from dowsers and psychics, and needless to say, they get hundreds of different results.

The only times I have been able to crack their glass ceiling is when I have approached a victim’s family personally, and offered to help. When I have done this, I would solve the case, and the Police would have no choice but to work with me.

With the FBI it’s a different story. Since I have offered my services many times to no avail, on occasions when they would ask the public for help I would go ahead and solve their dilemma and mail them my report. Curiously, the case would always get solved within two or three days after they received my report. And, buy the way, they would never acknowledge my help or pay the reward money they offered.

  There Is Only One Solution

By making this knowledge available to every dowser on the planet, we have the opportunity to create an Army of expert map dowsers stretching all around the world who will have the ability to solve any crime. In doing so, one or more of our members could always be in a position to help.

As mentioned above, the only way we can be effective for now is to bypass any expectations that Law Enforcement Agencies will voluntarily work with us
. Until Law Enforcement can see and appreciate consistent results from our work, and word of our reputation spreads, the only way we can turn the tide and hope to be effective is to contact the families of the victims directly, and ask for their permission to help.

Even This Approach Presents A Problem

Today Law Enforcement Agencies usually tell a victim’s family to change their phone number to avoid being contacted by people like us. However, if any of our members should live in the same vicinity, they will be able to knock on the family’s door and offer their services.

Once you realize and experience how easy it can be to save a life or solve any crime using this new map dowsing technology, you will be more then eager to knock on their door, because you will have 100% confidence in you abilities, and you will know that your efforts won’t fail.

There is nothing more upsetting then knowing you could have saved an abducted child's life if you had only been given the opportunity to immediately get involved in the case.

If you are interested in becoming one of the best crime solving map dowsers on the planet, and want to become a member of this very special Army, this course will teach you everything you need to know about this amazing new technology.

  Your Complete Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!
YOUR 30 Day 100% Money Back (No Questions Asked) Guarantee!
If you, for any reason don't feel that this technology will make you one of the best map dowsers on the planet , simply let me know within 30 days after receiving the course, and I will cheerfully refund your purchase price.

About The Course

This course is not a typical instruction manual. It tells you the actual story of how the “New Map Tracking Technology” was discovered, and how I learned the secrets that perfected the process. You will follow me every step of the way as I made crucial discoveries, worked on and solved actual cases, and experienced the trials and tribulations of learning to implement this previously unknown technology

The entire course is broken down into easy to follow step-by-step instructions with many illustrations, so even a beginning dowser will be able to master and utilize the process immediately!
There's More!

Many members in the group have told me that Lesson Four alone is worth the price of the course! Why? Because Lesson Four teaches you how to dowse "Hands-Free"
, and ten times faster! Any dowser can learn to do it in a few minutes! This ability is very important when you want to do "Real Time Tracking" to save a life, or use Google maps to locate lost buried treasures.

Having the ability to use Hands-Free dowsing is extremely valuable whether you use it for map dowsing or just plain everyday dowsing. Because the method I teach you allows you to dowse  inconspicuously, it can actually save your life!

If you are standing in an airport waiting to board a flight you can dowse if that particular aircraft is safe to fly, and nobody will know you are doing it even if they are staring at your face!

If you are having a conversation with someone you will know if they are telling you the truth instantly while you listen to them speak!

If you want to know if a potential mate is safe to date, you will know before you introduce yourself!

If you want to know if it is safe to enter a dark alley you will know before you enter it!

The list of uses for this unique ability is truly endless.

Is your map-dowsing 100% reliable? If not, you need to see this! Click on the Cranial Pendulum page in the navigation bar at the top of this page.

Now treasure hunters have the ultimate solution for finding treasures! The new map dowsing technology will lead you to the treasure’s location, and the information in this link will help you pinpoint the target without being conspicuous. http://www.treasurehunterssecretmanual.com/

Free Treasure Maps

If you are a treasure hunter and a map-dowser, you could win a free treasure map showing the exact location of a very valuable treasure.

Over the years many people have paid me to locate lost buried treasures for them. As strange as it may seem, every now and then I hear from one of them telling me that for various reasons, they could not make it to a treasure's location, and never will.

Some of the reasons given are things like: Because of age or physical condition, the location would be too challenging, the location proved to be too far away, they already found enough to last a lifetime, they would have to buy a four-wheel drive vehicle, the location is too remote, or the wife would not let them buy a good metal detector etc.

The amazing thing is, essentially they have all given their maps back to me, telling me the maps should go to people who can use them. Since I have already been paid to do the research and produce the maps, I've decided to give them away to fellow treasure-hunters who are practicing map-dowsers.

The rules are simple:

Click on the link below, it will take you to a map that contains a treasure's location, and an explanation of what the treasure is.

Print the map out and dowse the location of the treasure. Mark the spot on the map using Google Earth Maps and e-mail your results to me. If your mark is anywhere close to the cache, I will send you the exact GPS location, and remove the map from the website. There will only be one winner for each map.

Here's map #8: http://freetreasuremaps.map-dowsing-is-obsolete.com

Good luck!

A Bit Of Dowsing Humor
From A Member

"I live in Arkansas and awhile ago I was asked by a friend who was house setting in Dallas Texas to help locate a missing ring. I did the search and called the person with the location, and she said she would check, but the ring was not there. After several tries she said I did not know what I was doing, but thanks anyway. She later called and said that the ring had been swallowed by the dog, and it was where I had told her to look, and that did make me feel better. The information in your course has helped me be more sure of my dowsing ability. Thanks."

And Become One Of The Best Map Dowsers On The Planet!

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To your dowsing success,

Jerry Nokes

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