The Cranial Pendulum

The Cranial Pendulum

If you’ve ever wondered why your map-dowsing efforts have only produced hit and miss results, this is the reason!

Although using a standard physical pendulum is an efficient way to dowse for the purpose of answering simple dowsing questions, there is a better, much more reliable and faster method that should be used when map-dowsing.

While asking a simple dowsing question, a dowser can easily stare at a pendulum while remaining focused on his or her question without losing concentration. However, when map-dowsing with a physical pendulum, the ability to maintain unbroken concentration is no longer possible. This is because dowsers cannot focus and concentrate on finding a location on a map when their focus must constantly switch back and forth from the map to a swinging pendulum. A good analogy for understanding this interruption in lack of focus and concentration would be reaching for the TV controller and changing channels while making love.

Using your cranial pendulum instead of a physical pendulum resolves the problem, and every dowser who uses a physical pendulum, although they don’t know it, already has a cranial pendulum in their head waiting to be activated. Simply put, once you learn how to activate and use your cranial pendulum, you will most likely never want or need to use your physical pendulum again.

Advantages of Using Your Cranial Pendulum

When map-dowsing using your hands-free cranial pendulum, it allows all your dowsing senses: sight, mind, focus, and concentration to work in unison without disruption. It’s almost like having a psychic ability, because you will find that you can actually enter into a mild trance like state with ease and complete clarity while dowsing. This is why dowsers who map-dowse with their cranial pendulum can enjoy 100% accuracy and reliability. It wouldn’t surprise me if many of the people, who claim to be psychics, are really dowsers, but don’t know it.

Having the ability to dowse in your head hands-free and inconspicuously has unlimited uses.

For example:

You can dowse the safety condition of your tires while driving at high speeds.

You can know if you are walking into a dangerous situation.

You need never get lost again.

You can know if food is safe to eat.

You can stand face to face with someone who is lying to you and know it, without him or her having any idea what you are doing.

While standing in line at the airport waiting to board a flight, you can inconspicuously dowse if the plane is safe to fly.

All dowsers concerned about their health and well-being can use their cranial pendulum to avoid buying foods that contain GMO ingredients when shopping at a grocery store. As you walk down the grocery store isle you can dowse any food product for GMO's before you put it in your cart, and nobody will notice what you are doing. It is well known that 90% of foods sold in a grocery store contain genetically modified ingredients, and the health threats associated with GMO's are well documented. Until laws are put in place to force the labeling of foods that contain GMO ingredients, dowsing is the only way to avoid them.

The possible uses are endless.

The cranial pendulum has actually saved my life! In my younger years when I was actively chasing the ladies, I would always dowse a potential mate for STDs and Aids before I entered a relationship with her. If the attraction was there, I would ask the questions the instant I first saw her. Over the years, on three occasions, I got a positive for HIV that was later confirmed.

Any dowser, who uses a standard physical pendulum, can easily learn to develop and use their cranial pendulum by gaining an understanding of how it works, and by taking the time to practice and master its use.

Until now, the only people who have had access to the secrets of the cranial pendulum, have been my map-dowsing course students. Because the cranial pendulum can be so useful and valuable for every dowser, I’ve decided to offer it as a stand-alone feature. Any dowser can now learn the secrets of the cranial pendulum for only $19.95, without having to buy the map-dowsing course.

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